This is a family near and dear to my heart. I don't know what the last 6 years would have looked like without them. Liz and I attended the same prenatal yoga and mommy & me infant classes. When my son was about 5 months old I found the days to be incredibly long,  the adult conversation short, and sleep was nearly non-existent. I was hoping to connect with other moms but hadn't had much luck. I happened to be in Panera one day when I noticed her sitting there with another mom from the yoga classes. Being the introvert that I am, my first instinct was to avoid them in order to avoid what could be (in my mind) a potentially awkward situation. But I decided instead to put on my big girl pants, gave myself a mental pep-talk and walked up to them. I was delightfully surprised when she asked me to sit down and have lunch with them. And well, the rest is history. I'm so happy to have found friendship in her, as well as the other moms I met through her. It's been so much fun seeing our families grow together. 

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