One of my favorite things about lifestyle newborn sessions are the personal touches that help tell the family's story through photos. With your own home as the backdrop to the photos you really get to infuse these important details. Here are my top 3 favorites from this session:

1. Both parents are musicians and I was able to capture some images of them singing to their baby girl. I loved listening to them and imagined that Indi would be singing right along with them in just a few short years.

2. Ben the dog was feeling a little left out now that he wasn't the center of attention anymore. He took the chance to snuggle in and ham it up for a few photos. Pets are family too, so I liked being able to include him.

3. Indi was wearing an adorable onesie that was hand knit by a friend of her mama. I'm sure a lot of love went into make that! I hope when they look back at these pictures they remember that friend and the sweet sentiment she had.

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