Extended Family Session 2018 - H Family

Have you ever had extended family photos taken? If so, you know it can be somewhat of a challenge - coordinating schedules, coordinating outfits, trying to get all the kids (and sometimes adults) to cooperate. But this family here totally rocked it and made it look easy. Here's why...


1. Their outfits were on point with a cohesive blue/white/gray color scheme. No matchy-matchy but everything went together beautifully.


2. More important than their clothes though, they brought positive attitudes, sense of humor, and in little Andrew's case, some sweet dance moves. 


3. We gathered in the backyard of  the grandparents' Connecticut home where they raised the family and have lived in for 4+ decades, giving the pictures an extra personal touch.


4. With everything in place above we were able to really focus on the special family relationships. Of course we got everyone all together for some shots but also got to celebrate some individual connections as well. They mentioned Andrew is particularly close to his grandfather, and you know what?  You can feel that in those snaps of them hugging and laughing. Six year old Anna made some special photo requests, like the one of her hugging  aunt Karessa, and I was happy to oblige! And some of my favorites were of Rachel and Sandy who were about to celebrate 42 years of marriage (we should all be so lucky!) the next day. Scroll through below and get ready for all the heart eyes.

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